slugging skin with vaseline

What is "slugging" and is it for you?

What is slugging? I have been seeing the term pop up everywhere on my feed whether it's Instagram or Facebook. When I first saw the term I honestly thought it had something to do with a new snail related product or something. Come to find out I have been slugging the past few years and I didn't even know there was a name for it!

Slugging: It's when you use a thick ointment based moisturizer i.e. Vaseline, Aquaphor etc. to moisture your skin overnight however; it is meant to be applied as the LAST step in your skincare routine with a clean face. 

Slugging isn't anything new it has actually been a popular skincare technique within the Black community as well as the trendy K-Beauty regimens. 

Slugging with Vaseline or petroleum totally makes sense - its always been safe enough to use on delicate baby skin. When you read the label on Aquaphor, it states that the product is meant to be used as a healing ointment or skin protectant for dry, crack skin after washing…so why not top off your skin at night with a protectant like this?

Is "slugging" for everyone though? Should you "slug" your entire face?

I personally do "slug" for at least the past 6 years but not my entire face. I target specific areas of my face that are the driest using Aquaphor: my lips & the inner/outer corners of my eyes. I do this only for my nighttime routine.

Although petroleum itself is unlikely to clog your pores, it can still irritate acne prone skin. My acne comes from around my temples, chin and jawline so that is why I subconsciously never wanted to apply additional creams on top on prone areas to irritate. 

If you have oily or sensitive skin I can't imagine slugging would be a great addition to your routine. It would probably feel too oily or greasy. In conclusion,  slugging would probably be best for those with severe dry skin - like myself. Or maybe just seasonally during the dry fall/winter. If you do decide to slug - note vaseline has many different scents available - stick to fragrance & dye free options.

Want a night time skin barrier but Slugging doesn't sound like a great fit?

If you are still looking for moisture and an added barrier for your skincare at night…try out our Rêves Silk pillowcase. Our pillowcases give a natural soft friction free barrier from silk fibers that retain moisture and your nighttime products or medical ointments on your face as you rub away on your pillow at night. This definitely helped with my results when I was on spironolactone and 2+ perscription ointments for my skin during the height of my adult hormonal acne breakout. 

…Will you be slugging this season?




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