Our Story

Launched early 2021 in founder Marísa's spare bedroom, Rêves, was founded under the name Rêves Silk Company. Marísa's mission was to share what she believes was the ultimate secret to curing her adult hormonal acne. Given her passion for all things beauty related, she quickly realized that anyone with hair and/or skin care concerns were the people that could benefit most from a silk pillowcase. By partnering with silk experts from around the world and researching dermatologist advice on silk pillowcases at the time, she created a classic and well-made pillowcase with an extra deep enclosure that made switching to silk an effortless experience, even within the demanding schedule of working two other jobs. 

Rêves Silk Pillowcases can help with skin hydration, hair frizz and to make your mornings easier by keeping your skin rx on your face and off the pillow for its customers —whom Marísa warmly refers to as “Dreamers” of the “Rêves Family.” The product appealed to hundreds of women, men & non binary persons nationwide. The idea gained steam and spawned a revolution for glowing skin and silky hair for ALL. 

Our name Rêves means Dreams in French. When Marísa had her first ever experience with severe acne not until her late 20s she felt as if she were living in a nightmare. She couldn't figure out what was going on with her skin. After a few dermatologist visits, lots of new RX's and a strict skincare routine...She researched and came across the discovery of silk pillowcases. She believes that the help of a silk pillowcase is the main supporter for helping her to recover from severe adult hormonal acne. Discovering silk pillowcases felt like a dream come true! So we are Rêves, and we are here to say dreams do come true.